Thank You LLC

Thank You LLC

Project Overview

Imagine sending your loved one a gift......and when they receive it they scan a sticker with their phone to get a personal, touching message from you to let them know EXACTLY how much you care.Say GOODBYE to pointless gifts that end up ignored… say HELLO to giving gifts that your loved ones will talk about FOR YEARS to come. Your loved ones don’t need just more stuff that doesn’t remind them of how much you care for them… You can give them a special reminder of your love with your gift by personalizing every gift with gratitude.


Search "Thank You LLC" in the app store or go to to DOWNLOAD the Thank You app.


Open the Thank You app and SCAN the Thank You QR Code Sticker


Use media from your smartphone or record your message in the app to CREATE your personalized message. Then click "Upload".  Attached files must be .jpg, .png, .pdf, .m4v, .mov or .mp4


Attach the QR code sticker to an item for your recipient and SEND your personalized Thank You message! You will receive a notification once your message has been viewed.